World of Media-2022. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies. Issue №1.

The issue was published in 2022 by the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University.



Shi-xu (2022). A cultural discourse studies approach to communication. World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies 1: 5-23

Just as the old problems of the world, such as poverty, climate change and nuclear weapon rivalry, are being exacerbated by the new virus of COVID-19, humanity has not chosen solidarity and cooperation. The human science of Communication Studies does not seem to be concerned, or equipped, to help with the existential crises, either. In this article I introduce as alternative Cultural Discourse Studies (CDS), an emerging culturalist paradigm of communication research, in terms of its conception, direction, operation as well as production. It is characterized by engagement with culturally diversified and competing discourses with a view to combating cultural hegemony on the one hand and enhancing cultural harmony on the other. To illustrate this culturally conscious and critical programme, a case study of Chinese defense policy discourse is presented.

Key words: Culture, diversity, power, discourse system

Received: 01.02.22

Accepted: 10.03.22


Gureeva, A., Anikina, M., Muronets, O., Samorodova, E., & Bakalyuk, P. (2022). Media activity of modern Russian youth in the context of value systems. World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies 1: 25-44

The socio-political system of Russian society is currently functioning in relatively stable way, with the normative and informal practices of interaction between political and public institutions and actors being largely established and worked out. The situation in the non-institutional segment of the sociopolitical sphere is somewhat different: social media provide the public with new opportunities to express their perceptions and opinions about sociopolitical events based on the value systems of a specific social group. These contradictions make it important to study and analyze the current system of socio-political values of specific groups in order to understand the specifics of the political consciousness and behavior of different groups in society and to reach a consensus of values that is an important factor in the sustainability of Russian society as a whole. Modern Russian youth is, on the one hand, the most active in terms of media expression of their opinions on all socio-political issues and, on the other hand, the most vulnerable part of Russian society in terms of the level of influence of various external and internal threats. This article describes the first results obtained in the course of the project ‘Socio-political values of modern Russian youth in the social media discourse’ (project number 21-011-31701).

Key words: Values, youth, media activism, society, state

Received: 01.12.21

Accepted: 15.12.21

Okon, P. E., Obukoadata, P. R., & Ekwok, L. (2022). Mediamorphosis: Assessing the influence of digital media on traditional newspapers in Nigeria from the audience and media managers’ perspectives. World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies 1: 45-64

There is an ongoing debate that conventional print media are becoming seriously threatened and facing possible extinction due to the penetrating presence of the digital media. This paper discusses, from the perspectives of the audience and media managers, the situation as it evolves in Nigeria. Applied and survey research methods are adopted for the study. Roger Fidler’s theory of Mediamorphosis and the Toronto School’s Medium theory constitute the theoretical framework. The study identifies that traditional print media are becoming endangered due to low circulation figure, dwindling advertisement revenue, and even closures of newspaper businesses. It, therefore, concludes that change has indeed swept through the media environment, and conventional media in Nigeria should adapt to this change in order to remain relevant. In recommending the way forward, the paper advises Nigerian newspaper owners and managers to create new ideas, new value propositions, and new ways to engage with customers so as to improve on their revenue and ultimately remain in business.

Key words: Information, mediamorphosis, new digital media, newspapers, traditional mass media

Received: 05.02.22

Accepted: 30.03.22