The editors of World of Media are now inviting submissions.

Submitted papers should be no longer than 5 000 words, accompanied by a short abstract, up to 200 words, and contain 5-7 key words. The title page should include the title of the paper, the name of the author(s), full title and the affiliation of the author(s) (full name of the institution and department, city, country, e-mail address). Abstract, key words, title and information about the author should be written in English and Russian. The text of the article should be written in good English.

List of references should include only publications cited in the article. Citations in the text should be accompanied by round brackets containing last name(s) of the author(s), year of publication and page(s). Example: (Johnes, 2008: 115).

The manuscript should be typed in 1,5-spacing on one side of the paper only, using Times New Roman 14 font. Margins are 2 cm on all sides. Tables and figures (illustrations) should be embedded into the text.

The paper should contains the following parts: abstract (230+ words), keywords (5-7 words), main text (4000-5000 words) and references.

Abstract. The abstract should describe briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. An abstract is often presented separately from the article, so it must be able to stand alone.

Key words (5-7 words).

Introduction. It should include goals of the research, main research questions, hypothesis, literature review and background.

Methods. This part should include research design and procedure, description of the sample and the methods used.

Results. This section should present the original data obtained during your research.

Conclusion. This part should show how the data received refers to your hypothesis, how it can be interpreted, what predictions can be made based upon your research and how your research contributes to the theoretical field of journalism and mass communication studies in general, or to any particular aspect of it.

Note: The World of Media journal uses the Harvard references style. Here you can find the bibliography examples. Please read this document carefully. If you have any questions please contact editors (

After the article is accepted for publication, the author receives an editor’s confirmation, and then page proofs. The author reads page proofs to correct errors and answer the editor’s questions.

The publication is free of charge.

All authors should submit their papers electronically. The papers (.doc) should be sent to the e-mail address

Manuscript Proceeding

Since 2018, the journal appears 4 times a year, so we accept papers throughout the whole year. 

When the manuscript is submitted, the proceeding starts, and the notification is sent to the author. World of Media supports a strict policy of publishing only peer-reviewed articles. Each article will be subject to anonymous reviewing by at least two reviewers. The review period usually takes 1-2 months. Reviews are sent to authors by email. Please, be prepared to perform the revision of the article according to reviewer’s comments. Revised article is sent for the second review. When the article is accepted the notification is sent to the author. The final decision regarding the publication is made by the editor-in-chief. After the volume is published, all authors receive the link to the electronic version of the journal.

Please, note: all authors submitting manuscripts to the World of Media journal affirm that the manuscript contents are original, and the article is not considered by another title at the time of submission. All authors, editors and reviewers agree to follow the journal’s Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement