Current Issue 
World of Media-2024. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies. Issue №2

World of Media 2013-2023

In 2023 calendar year, the journal published 19 articles written by scholars from 9 countries. The editors are happy to have such vast georgaphical and thematic diversity of papers submitted to the World of Media.

Please note: World of Media has been published from 2009 till 2015 as a faculty yearbook. In 2015, it changed its profile to an academic journal. There have been no breaks or delays in publication despite the fact that there is no World of Media 2014 issue. In 2015, editors made a decision to name each issue after the year it is published in, not after the previous year (like it happed with World of Media 2013 published in 2014, for example). Since 2018, the journal appears on a quaterly basis (4 times a year). The volumes are available online since 2013.