The journal’s editorial board, advisory board and reviewers include leading media scholars from  Russian and foreign universities. One of the journal’s priorities is building long-lasting and fruitful collaboration with its editorial board and reviewers and organizing exchange of ideas and knowledge with the board members.

Elena Vartanova, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. 
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tel. +7 (495) 629 74 35
Postal address: 125009, 9 Mokhovaya street, Moscow, Russia
Room 212

Executive editor
Anna Gladkova, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.
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tel. +7 (495) 629 52 76
Postal address: 125009, 9 Mokhovaya street, Moscow, Russia
Room 107

Advisory board:
Janusz Adamowski, University of Warsaw, Poland. ResearcherID: C-2225-2013 
Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska, University of Wroclaw, Poland Scopus Author ID: 57200253232
Jozef Dzyaloshinsky, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia 
Henrikas Iouchkiavitchious, Adviser to Director-General, UNESCO 
Galina SchepilovaLomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. ResearcherID: A-3238-2019

Editorial board: 
Bhanubhakta Acharya, University of Ottawa, Canada
Patrik Åker, Södertörn University, Sweden. Scopus Author ID:  55212942000
Svetlana BodrunovaSt-Petersburg State University, Russia. Scopus Author ID: 56039882200 
Nico CarpentierCharles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Scopus Author ID: 24167976600
Alexander Chernov, Cherepovets State University, Russia. ResearcherID: C-4898-2014 
Terry FlewUniversity of Sydney, Australia. Scopus Author ID: 56341271400 
Michael Freund, Webster University, Vienna, Austria
Michał Głowacki, University of Warsaw, Poland. Scopus Author ID: 56485478900
Gregory Goldenzwaig, Södertörn University, Sweden 
Daniel C. Hallin, University of California, San Diego, USA. Scopus Author ID: 7801380370
Galiya Ibrayeva, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan. Scopus Author ID: 55497864600
Sadia Jamil, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, UAE. Scopus Author ID: 57205235252
Katja LehtisaariUniversity of Helsinki, Finland. Scopus Author ID: 57194763980
Boris Lozovsky, Ural Federal University, Russia. ResearcherID: A-9595-2019 
Mikhail Makeenko, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. Scopus Author ID: 57196023993    
Paolo Mancini, University of Perugia, Italy. Scopus Author ID: 16473413500
Lev Manovich, City University of New York, USA Scopus Author ID:6507653523  
Anthony Moretti, Robert Morris University, USA. Scopus Author ID: 56039112900
Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus, Humboldt University, Germany. Scopus Author ID: 26037367600  
Hannu Nieminen, University of Helsinki, Finland. Scopus Author ID: 55668989900 
Kaarle Nordenstreng, University of Tampere, Finland. 
Anatoly Puyu, St-Petersburg State University, Russia. ResearcherID: B-4839-2014 
Massimo RagneddaNorthumbria University Newcastle, Great Britain. Scopus Author ID: 55959061600
Lyudmila Shesterkina, South Ural State University, Russia. Scopus Author ID: 57193998907
Greg Simons, Uppsala University, Sweden. Scopus Author ID: 14322163700
Hedwig de Smaele, KU Leuven, Belgium. Scopus Author ID: 6506851003
Olga Smirnova, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. ResearcherID: K-2176-2012  
Dmitry Strovsky, Ariel University, Israel. Scopus Author ID:14322770400 
Pal Tamas, Institute of Sociology – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary. Scopus Author ID: 56195672100 
Josef Trappel, University of Salzburg, Austria. Scopus Author ID: 26036603400
Jens Wendland, FRDIP Institute, Germany